Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Keeping it in Perspective

I have found when you are the most upset sometimes people say things that only add to it---even though they mean well. They sometimes come off patronizing which only tends to add gasoline to the fire. Two of my "favorites" are "Calm Down" and "Breathe". I realize these might work for you, but you probably have others that set you off. Few of us can let everything just roll off our backs.

I have found it is much better if I can pull myself back from the edge---or better yet never let it get that far.

After a series of life changing events (aren't they all if we let them be?) I was standing by the police who were taking a report of my car being stolen from my mechanic's property. We were all putting our heads together to get all the information. I remained calm and positive throughout.

Finally the officer turned to me and said "You are taking this rather calmly."

I turned to him and said "I have reached the point in my life where if no one is sick, hurt,dying or dead---keep it in perspective."

This was not the first time I had thought this, or maybe even said it, but I realized it was true. Did I want to have my car stolen? No. Did I know it was going to be a hassle? Yes (and it was). Was it replaceable? Yes. Would the situation be fixed? Yes.

This truly has become one of my mantras and it has gotten me through some very challenging times. Of course it also becomes true when someone is sick, hurt,dying or dead, but that is a story for another day.


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