Tuesday, April 03, 2012

10 Reallistic Ways to Stay Positive - Part 6

See the great things that happen every day. This takes making it a habit to get through the really bad days.
I learned this one day when I had gone through a year of stress and grief. I was driving along and suddenly saw the October sun on the great field of pumpkins---and I feel my whole self just shift to a better place. After that I decided to jot down every night three things that were positive that happened that day.
I know some people journal---I am a bullet point person. They were only for me so they did not have to make sense except at the moment I was reflecting back on that day. Some days I would think I would not even find one. I would think of some stranger who gave me a smile, the way I saw an animal play or some phenomenal chocolate I had that day---and I would remember that every days there are seconds of "great" even if we would prefer minutes or longer.

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