Friday, January 02, 2009

The Best is Yet to Be...

This year I am choosing not to wish people a Happy New Year. I am not wishing them the happiest year ever. I want them to have much more than that. I want them to have their Happiest far.

What is the fine line? Ever to me implies it will be the best year of their whole life...ever. I don't want that--what am I going to say next year? "Well I know you had your happiest year ever and it is all down hill from here--but I am sure it was worth it!"

Uh, no.

But I feel if we approach the year as our best year "yet", it not only gives us hope for this year, but also reminds us that until we die, the potential is always there.You will build even a better year in 2010, based on your incredible 2009. Think of it as compound interest on your life.

For me I honestly know, on the surface at least, that this will not be my best year to date. It will however be my best year in almost 10 years, because certain things will be drawing to a close. Finishing them will not be happy to go through, but the other side is incredibly bright. And I have often found that some of the best parts of my life have started at some of the worst moments of my life.

Before you think I am not human, it is not like I have always realized this when I was in the middle of them. In the moment I am in grief, sadness, anger, despair, frustration, stress ( I told you I am human)...but looking back great gifts came in strange packages.

Richard Bach in "Illusions" says (paraphrased):

"You are never given a problem without a gift for you in its hands".

So for you this year I hope you find all the gifts, strange and otherwise, and that you have your happiest far.

The Best is Yet to Be....


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